TranmsitterLocator Support Page

TranmsitterLocator is a simple application which displays the television transmitters within a certain radius. The radius is configurable from 25Km to 150Km in 25Km steps. Currently only UK television transmitters are supported. For US Transmitters checkout our iPhone App iTransmitterLocatorUS. The main transmitters show as red markers and the minor transmitters with yellow markers. Your location is shown with the familiar blue dot.
Initial Screenshot. The user interface is very simple, tap a marker to bring up a context menu which shows the power and name of the transmitter. Tap the Compass button to bring up a simple compass display with pointer showing the direction of the chosen transmitter, making it a simple operation to line up your aerial with the transmitter. More screenshots...


The use of this application is entirely at the users discretion and the user assumes the entire risk related to its use. In using this application you should follow sensible health and safety practices.

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