iBounceMeter Support Page

iBounceMeter is a simple application which exploits the accelerometer of the iPhone. The display shows the G forces experienced by the iPhone. It was written for a favourite niece and nephew who have a trampoline :-) . The user interface is very simple, there are no interactions with the application apart from the movement of the iPhone itself. Initially the display runs for a second and then stops. The display is reactivated when the iPhone experiences a G force greater than 3/4 G and continues for five seconds after the G force drops below this level.
Screenshot. The acceleration display is triggered by the movement of the iPhone. The display is activated when the acceleration exceeds 0.75 G. The display continues for five seconds after the acceleration drops below this threshold.


The use of this application is entirely at the users discretion and the user assumes the entire risk related to its use. In using this application you should follow sensible health and safety practices.

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